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Executive/Close Protection Solutions

The Objective Is To Provide A Physically Safe and Secure Environment So That You Can Focus On Your Daily Activities, Whether That’s Running A Business, Raising A Family, Or Pursuing Your Passions. With RAVEN ELITE PROTECTION’S Expert Services, You Can Rest Assured That Your Needs Are Being Met, And You Can Move Forward With Confidence.

Corporate And Business Solutions

RAVEN ELITE PROTECTION Provides A Range Of Services To Help Businesses Maintain A Safe And Secure Workplace By Assisting With Hostile Terminations, Including Helping Employers Navigate Challenging Situations With Sensitivity And Professionalism. In Addition, A Course Of Instruction Is Available To Provide Training On The Different Categories Of Workplace Violence, Helping Employers Understand The Warning Signs And Take Proactive Steps To Prevent Violence From Occurring. Finally, RAVEN ELITE PROTECTION Will Work Closely With Incident Response Teams To Provide Threat Assessments And Other Critical Support in The Event Of A Security Breach Or Other Emergency Situation.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) / Drone Solutions

Certified By The U.S. Department Of Transportation And The Federal Aviation Administration Under Small Unmanned Aircraft System Part 107 Regulations, Our Pilot Credential Enables The Delivery Of Exceptional Drone Operations Tailored For Security, Emergency Responders, Investigators, And The Public.

Comprehensive Range Of Services Include:

  • Overwatch: Vigilant Oversight For Enhanced Security And Situational Awareness.
  • Accident Reconstruction: Reconstruct Accident Scenes Efficiently, Aiding Investigations.
  • Crowd Monitoring: Ensures Public Safety And Event Management.

Additional Critical Services:

  • Aerial Photography And Videography: Capture Stunning Aerial Imagery And Videos To Meet Your Creative Needs.
  • Construction Project Monitoring: Aids In Construction Planning And Progress Tracking.
  • Crop Monitoring for Agricultural Optimization: Optimizes Agriculture Planning Through Crop Health Assessment And Yield Prediction.

By Providing Real-Time Monitoring, Precise And Up-To-The-Minute Reporting, Raven Elite Protection’s Commitment To Excellence In Drone Operations With A Specialized Skill Set Is An Ideal Choice.

Security Consulting

Enhancing Your Organization’s Security Stance with Specialized Services, Encompassing:

  1. Security Assessments: Will Conduct A Thorough Analysis Of Your Organization’s Existing Security Infrastructure And Processes By Testing And / Or Evaluating Controls To Determine Efficiency, Operation, While Assessing If The Identified Processes Are Producing The Desired Results.
  2. Risk Management: Will Identify And Make Recommendations To Mitigate Identified Vulnerabilities And Threats, Both Internal And External To Your Organization.
  3. Security Policy Development: Will Assist In Crafting Customized Policies, Standing Operating Procedures, And Instructions That Align With Your Organization’s Specific Requirements.
  4. Incident Response Planning: Will Prepare Your Organization For Swift And Effective Responses To Security Incidents By Identifying, Analyzing, And Correcting Hazards To Prevent A Future Re-Occurrence.

Raven Elite Protection Leverages Real-World Experience, Delivering Practical Solutions With Actionable Recommendations Tailored To Your Organization’s Unique Needs.

Elevate your workplace safety with RAVEN ELITE PROTECTION LLC!

🛡️Helping businesses like yours in developing a robust workplace violence prevention plan and provide essential resources for employee safety.

Secure your workplace with confidence! 💼🌐

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VA. DCJS: 11-17774
Exclusive & Discreet Protection & Consulting Services. 
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On this day we salute all the brave men and women who have selflessly served our country. 

To all my fellow Veterans out there, thank you for your service and sacrifices.

VA. DCJS: 11-17774
Exclusive & Discreet Protection & Consulting Services. 
Learn more at:

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